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Excellent concert, great rehearsal - January 29

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Thanks to the 43 singers that were present at the Parkwood Retirement home. It was one of the best sing outs you have ever done. There was some real passion coming through. As a group, I sensed you were very "CONNECTED"

Speaking of ...I just loved Connected, and received several very positive comments from people in the audience and I hear some of you were doing it from memory - way to go!

But we must move on - here are some note from Mondays rehearsal. Things to check and review.

1. Please keep the music for Home I"ll Be, Ding a Ding and Hymn to Freedom in your folders.

2. Hey Look Me Over - gentlemen - please be sure you know when you are singing harmony and make sure you know your part.

3. The Place Where Lost Things Are - measures 5-20. Please review the notes, the more you listen, the more secure you will become.

4. Down by the Riverside - be sure you can sing accurately from the beginning to

measure 56,

5. Connected - beginning to end - work on memory. - last 3 pages for the 1st sopranos - I'll work on it with you.

And now for this coming week -

1. The Night is Young - refer to last weeks blog for the changes on page 8.

We will really focus on balancing the voices and securing the harmony.

2. The Place Where Lost Things Go - Singing in a very connected style but still able to articulate the text.

Review measures 5 -20

New - measures 21 - 28

Look at 29 - 34 - note the similarities (minor adjustments) to measures 5 - 20.

If time - measures 35 - 39

3. Review - Connected - particular attention to letter E and page 11 and 12 (letter I)

4. My Way -Page 4 - measures 20 - 31.

Page 3 and page 6

5. Down By the Riverside -page 9 and 10 - measures 67 - 93

6. Hey Look Me Over - measures 9 - 37 - men are NOT singing melody - need to maintain the harmony throughout.

Have a great week everyone!


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