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Where and when does the choir practise?

           The choir practises at the Waterloo Knights of Columbus, Dearborn Place, Waterloo,

           every Monday from 1:00 pm to 3:00pm.  Specific upcoming dates appear on the home page.

What kind of music do you sing?

           The NoteWorthy Singers performs a variety of musical genres - including contemporary pop, broadway, 

           Christmas, classical, folk music, spirituals, gospel, and even a little rock.  You must be able to sing in

           parts (soprano, alto, tenor or bass).  You can see a list of previous years repertoire on the music page

           of this web-site. 

Do I need to read music?

           No.  Many members do not read music, but they are all willing to learn the basics and to "follow along

           in the music".  

Is there an audition?

           Yes.  You will be asked to sing a simple familiar tune (i.e. O Canada, Row Row Your Boat, Amazing

           Grace), echo a short phrase (or match notes) and complete a range check (how high and low you can

           sing).  The purpose is to give the music director information about your voice and to determine which 

           section you sing in.


When can I join the choir?

       There are two main registration periods - September and January.  Just come to a rehearsal and we

          will take care of you.  Exceptions can be made for special circumstances.


Can I try it out before I make a commitment?

           Yes you can try it out before committing.  Just come to a rehearsal.  Meet the music director.  She will

           complete the audition process and arrange to give you some music.  If you decide it's not for you, just

           return the music before you leave.


What does it cost to belong the choir?

              To help us meet our expenses, there is a $150   non-refundable registration fee, which is due when

            you receive your music. 

           In addition you will be expected to sell tickets to our annual concert which takes place in April.   Depending

           on the success of our concert and rising costs in general,  the registration fee might vary from year to

           year.  Please note this is a registration fee and will apply at any time of year. 

What is my commitment to the choir?

The members commitment is to attend as many rehearsals as possible.  Singing in a choir is NOT just about learning notes.  More importantly, it is about learning to control your own voice and blending with your fellow singers.  You need to be present to learn to sing with those around you and they need you there to help them learn to sing and blend.


A Most important commitment.

     We sing two major concerts every year

         1.  Our annual Christmas Concert  to raise funds and gifts for the "New Toys for Needy Kids" 

K of C gift drive.

         2.  Our annual spring concert - to raise operational funds for our choir.

Your attendance is most important for both of these concerts.


Is there a uniform?

Yes.  Each member provides their own uniform.

Ladies:  Black skirt (long or short) or pants.

              Red blouse with long or short sleeves (no sleeveless).

              NOTE:  the red should match the Remembrance Day poppy red as closely as possible - please avoid

                          dark wine red or fuschia.

             Black comfortable shoes.

Men:  black trousers and black dress shirt.  Red ties are available from the choir for a nominal cost.

          Black comfortable shoes.

Uniforms are worn for all singouts and concerts.


Can I take holidays?

Some members do take holidays during the season - usually 2 or 3 weeks.  We ask that you be considerate of fellow choir members.   Your absence has an effect on everyone.  It's hard to blend or hear a voice that is not present.   Despite the size of the choir, every voice is important or there would be no point to being there.   So, if you are absent, it is important to get caught up as quickly as possible - especially learning and marking all changes in your music.
Singing correct notes is not music - it's just correct notes.  We aim to be as musical as we can be.   This can only be achieved through singing and learning together. The music director has been known to change notes, parts, phrases, and nuances as we learn a piece.  She also changes the seating arrangement to enhance the sound of the choir, so if you're away, your seat may have changed. 

If you're thinking of taking an extended vacations, (3 or 4 months at a time) you might consider taking a leave of absence for a term (i.e. Sept - Dec or Jan - April), and joining in again in the next term.  It's up to you to decide what is best.  

No matter what, please be sure to let the music director know if you are going to be away on vacation.

If you know you are going to be absent (appointments, previous commitments etc) , please let us know.  We are concerned about each member and will check on your safety and well being if you  miss a few rehearsals without letting us know.


Who can I contact for other information?

Section leaders and your executive are your first contact if you have concerns or need information.  The  executive is listed in your music books.

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