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How can I keep from singing...

A few days ago, I was wandering around cyber-space - something I do too much of these days, and I found myself in the world of videoke. That's karaoke on the iternet. I found myself singing a lot of my old favourites - the worlds are right there!

...and did it ever feel good. The endorphines took hold, raised my mood and lifted me up. I highly recommend it if your are looking for something different. I even made a video of myself singing - (which no one will ever see).

I was CCR, then John Denver, then Neil Diamond, then Judy Garland - it was quite fun!

Here's the site that I started at, if anyone is interested in trying it. Just put yourself in a room with your computer and let your younger self out!!!

I hope everyone had a good Easter. It was different, but I must admit, between Andrea Bocelli in the afternoon, and Jesus Christ Superstar in the evening, my day was very pleasantly filled.

I think of all of you everyday and really miss you and the choir. I know many of you have children and grandchildren that are working on the front lines of the pandemic. I am sure I speak for everyone when I say we are so grateful to them and to you . The extra stress and worry are difficult. Your families are remembered in our thoughts and prayers.

Mike B. sent this video this week. I think it pretty much says it all. (Please send a message if it doesn't work - I'm trying something new)


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