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Membership in the NoteWorthy Singers  


NoteWorthy Singers are retired people from all walks of life.  Individual members have a wide variety of interests. Many are very proud parents and grand parents.  We love to travel and experience new things.  We enjoy meeting new people.


Membership in the NoteWorthy Singers is open to women and men 55 years of age and older. There is a short audition process to determine which section of the choir is most suited to your voice.  You will be asked to sing a familiar tune and repeat a short phrase that is played for you.  In addition, the music director will check your range.


Membership extends from September to the end of April.  The non-refundable registration for the 2023-2024 is $150.00 at any time of the year.  While membership fees do not cover all of the costs of operating the choir, it does help to cover some. Members are also expected to sell tickets to our annual concert which is our only fund-raiser.


Our focus is to promote physical, mental and emotional wellness through singing.  We strive to use healthy vocal techniques to produce beautiful music in a wide variety of styles.


If you interested in joining us, please contact us through the contact page on this web-site.


Above all, we enjoy each others company and have great fun learning new things about music.


Good friends make good music.


February Singout - Waterloo Heights

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