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Congratulations NWS


What a fantastic afternoon? The choir sounded wonderful. I received so many outstanding comments from the audience. You have a very loyal following. They truly appreciate your musical efforts.

This concert marks another level of growth for the choir. For me, the most exciting moment was wait for it...

DING - A - DING. ...

I remember when you started there were many who thought it would be way too difficult. Hearing you sing this was just one example of why its so rewarding to be your conductor. I have always loved a challenge and its alway fun to have a group go along with it. You really sang it very well. Thanks to Jazz for helping us in the bridge. Next time we will all master that one little section.

Every piece had special moments. For example, 3 weeks ago, I thought we would have to cut This Christmas - well, you sure proved me wrong.

Ladies, your sound has become very warm and musical throughout - no 'old lady sound' in this choir.

You have worked so hard to achieve this sound. Keep up the great work!

We are so fortunate to have the NoteWorthy Trio backing us up. You add a special dimension to our presentation. Thanks so much for your music and your support.

Extra big thanks to Trudy - what a massive amount of playing, no matter the challenge, you are there. Your musicality is such a support and example to the choir.

I know the ladies would want to acknowledge the tenors and basses. I think we all enjoy singing even more when the men's sections are strong. This is definitely the best year yet for the tenors and basses. Huron Carol was stunning. - did you hear the silence from the audience? WOW

I look forward to celebrating with you on Monday. If you are unable to attend,


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