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4 more rehearsals to go...

Thank you all for an exciting rehearsal yesterday. We are getting there.

I heard some warm and wonderful sounds from all sections yesterday - keep thinking about relaxing the voice. During warm-up we stressed

1. Stretching to loosen upper body.

2. Relaxing- yawning expands the throat naturallly

blah blah blah with puffy cheeks helps relax the jaw and tongue

3. Lip trill sliding from high to low and low to high (on any comfortable notes)

4. Expand the rib-cage

5. FEEL THE RESONANCE - gently touch the bridge of your nose to feel the vibration - start on low notes and then carry the sound higher.

If you can - please review

1. Snow, Snow - this sounds wonderful , look at pages 2 - 7 - Please remember it is more efficient to

LISTEN,LISTEN, LISTEN before you sing.

2. This Christmas - we have sung all of this piece - the last 2 pages are weak and need some attention - the tuning is very tentative - needs more LISTENING.

3. Believe - the rhythm is very messy - think eighth note pulse when listening. I've included a recording of this piece where the rhythms are accurate.

4. Ding - a - ding - pages 6 and 7 - get the transition - you can't listen to this enough. I know you can do it, but you must be thinking ahead. No surprises.

5. Sleigh-ride - not sure about this one - many are singing wrong notes and even wrong parts. We will try it again next week, and if it doesn't work, we will drop it.

Next week' s rehearsal we will

1. finish Snow, Snow - starting at page 7.

2. Ding a ding - transition from pages 6, 7 and 8, measures 42 - end.

3. Nutcracker Jingle - Waltz of the flowers

4. Sleigh-ride - PLEASE listen carefully to Measures 29 - 44, 63-70, 79-86

5. Do You Hear What I Hear

6. Irving Berlin - Pages 13 - end

7. A Merry Christmas Wish

8. Believe

Have a great week everyone.



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