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Welcome back

Hard to believe but the holidays are over and we are on our way again.

We were missing about 25 people on Monday and I hope you will check on your friends and make sure they are doing well and encourage them to return as soon as possible.

We had a great beginning to our new season. I continue to be so excited by your development as musicians, particularly about the way you are making musical choices for yourselves and thus taking ownership of the music.

When I look at the music for our spring concert, we have a wonderful variety of styles and genre. Folk, international, broadway, sacred, gospel etc.

I have attached the piece I was speaking of by John Rutter. It is called Look at the World. I need to know (privately) on Monday if there are any objections to singing this piece.

For those who like to look ahead, here's the list of the rep for the spring concert.

1. Song of the Wind - start reviewing your part.

2. Peace like a River - we have reviewed and reinforced the little problems on pages 2 - page 7 measure 51. We will finish this piece next week and sing it at Waterloo Heights at the end of the month.

3. Together Wherever We Go* - please review pages 2 - 7 measures 1 - 57. Pay particular attention to the text and understanding what you are singing. (have ready for Waterloo Heights). We should be able to finish this on Monday.

4. Four Strong Winds - for those who have the recordings, please review all of your parts. This week at rehearsal we have reviewed measures 8 -24, and measures 40 - 56. Next Monday we will work on letter D and letter E and if time allows, letter F. (with some modifications, we will sing this at Waterloo Heights)

5. Shine on Silver Moon

6. You've Got a Friend in Me*

7. Yemaya - ( please review first half of Yemaya and we should be able to sing it at Waterloo Heights as well)

8. Hymn to Freedom*

9. Home I'll Be*

10. A Place in the Choir.*

11. Walk in the Wind

* - new to library in 2019

OFF AND RUNNING!!! Have a great week everyone.


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