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A New Year Begins

St Aloysius Church (the walls are all beautiful wood) and the floor is Italian ceramic tile. (awesome for acoustics.)

Here we are starting a new year. Where did the summer go?

We are so pleased to welcome Mary Jane Crusoe, Jayne Ferguson Ballentine, John Payne, Mary Steggles, Judy Walder, and Bobbie Bleiler. We hope you enjoy your time with the NoteWorthy Singers.

We are smaller than last year, but there were some beautiful sounds at our first rehearsal. The harmony of the Pachelbel Canon was really exciting. For a piece of music that is over 400 years old, it's not too shabby.

We have a big challenge with balance this year, and this is going to affect what we do with the music, so I guess I will have to start getting creative. We are very weak in altos and still need tenors. One voice can only make so much good sound, so I cannot push the sections any further. The only solution is more voices. By the way, you can never have too many basses (;-)

I heard some beautiful sound in Mary Did You Know. You sang it as if the arrangement was specifically arranged for NWS. It's going to be so wonderful - way to go!

We have learned the first 40 bars - GOOD WORK!.

I will have recordings of your parts in a short while. Just need some more time.

When Christmas Comes, is a Canadian composition and I think will be a choir favourite - one more example of what great music Canadians create. We have sung from the beginning to Letter C. I would ask you to please at least become very familiar with the words this week. That will help us move forward at a good pace.

We have a singout on Sept 27. We will be singing Canadian Pacific, Hallelujah, Song of the Land, Four Strong Winds the Hockey Song and This Is My Home. Please review your part to these pieces. You knew them really well in April, so it shouldn't take long to remember your part. Don't forget,

LISTEN to your part, while you FOLLOW the music. Do NOT sing with recordings right away. Listening is the fastest teacher!

We will also sing the Only in Canada sing-along .

I need a volunteer to create sing along sheets for this one.

I am looking forward to all of the beautiful music you can make this year. I hope you all enjoy it.

Finally, our concert is confirmed at the beautiful St. Aloysius Church, on Traynor Ave. Dec 7, 2:00 pm.

Have a great week everyone and remember - inhale, engage, SING!


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