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You have earned your name "NoteWorthy"

What an awesome rehearsal today. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I will add more later, but here are some things we need to take care of right away

WEDNESDAY SING OUT IS NOW AT the Knights of Columbus

1. send e-mail to Nancy Croth:

give her your name and place of birth.

2. Sue is looking for someone to collect payment for the dinner.

If we all help a little, all the jobs will get done.

3. I still need volunteers to find pictures for

The Prayer,

Shine on Silver Moon

My Way

Thanks to Paul and LInda - Canadian Pacific

Jim Bowman - Song of the Land

Nancy Croth - Song for Peace

Marilyn T. - Hockey Song

Karen S - This Is My Home

Shelagh - Four Strong Winds

Just a reminder - select your pics, put them in the correct order and give me the bar number in the music to which it applies. Don't hesitate to use pictures of people. It doesn't shouldn't be all scenery. Canada is so much more than mountains, lakes and oceans !!!

For everyone, If you have a picture that would be "just perfect" for a specific song, PLEASE send it to the person on the list. I'm sure they would appreciate the help.


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