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We reach a milestone...

I'm looking at my notes from Monday's rehearsal, and from what I can tell, we have to learn notes for 32 bars of music .

16 bars of Four Strong Winds,

4 bars - notes for Italian section in The Prayer

12 bars of O Canada - (note I have included a recording of O Canada - it starts at about 2:30 - It doesn't have a creative commons permission so it can't be edited t to cut God Save the Queen, but it's really well done as well. )

We also need to look at the sing alongs a few times.

This week, we learned Italian, sang section D of Four Strong Winds, and Sections E, F and G Song of the Land. In addition, we got most of the notes of sing along #1 correct - just a few rhythms to look at. (BTW - if you want to learn the parts to sing alongs, feel free to listen to them.)

So what happens now. Did you listen to what you can do with Song of the Land? - there were some "shiver moments" this week. The expressiveness that can be created in music is endless. The better we know our notes, the more we enjoy the experience of singing.

So this week, we will finish the 32 bars. I will try to go over any trouble sections in as many pieces as possible, so please be ready to give us pages and bar #'s in each piece so we can run through those spots.

My only concern now is that you continue to review the music with the recordings regularly right up to the concert, because you can easily forget and then we are back where we started.

Have a great week everyone.


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