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Every day gets better...

I apologize for this late post, but the process of recording your music will take 100+ hours of work, so other things tend to get put aside while I work on it.

You should receive Song of Peace and Canadian Pacific (2 files) in computer format (mp3). I hope this is helpful. Also, I have asked Charlene to resend Hallelujah for those who did not get it before Christmas.

PLEASE REMEMBER - the recordings are primarily for listening and looking. When you sd sing, it MUST be very quietly to a neutral syllable - loo, doo or just hum - but always quiet enough to hear the notes - while you follow along with the music. The idea is to train the ear to react to what it sees on the paper. When you are really comfortable with the notes, then you can quietly add the words.

Within the next to weeks, we should be able to sing Song for Peace, Canadian Pacific and This is My Home. What an accomplishment!

We have a great sound - the best yet. It's smooth and warm and every rehearsal, it becomes more consistent.

I've added a video of a wonderful women's choir singing Song for Peace. I know it isn't the same notes as our SATB version but they provide a lovely example of musical singing.

There is also an excellent recording at

Please work on words when you can. I know you are all very busy, but a little bit at a time will help.

Have a great week everyone.


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