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We are off and running...

Welcome back everyone. We have had a wonderful beginning to a new session. I am delighted with the sound of the choir. There has been so much growth this year.

I am really looking forward to our concert on May 6.

We have accomplished so much already.

Here's a summary,

This is My Home - Letter A, B, C, D - words and notes

Letter E and F - reading the french language - big thanks to Pat A.

Letter G , H, I, J and K - words and notes

PLEASE NOTE: the video included here IS NOT EXACTLY THE SAME ORDER OF VERSES AS WE HAVE IN OUR MUSIC, but it is basically the same arrangement.

Hallelujah - measure 1 -15.

Caution: measure 12 for the tenors and altos - listen to the rhythm carefully

For those who have a little extra time - listen to your recordings - (contact Charlene Janes if you don't have it) - paying close attention to how the rhythms change

according to the text.

Canadian Pacific - beginning to measure 69 - words! words! words!

I've included a video of Larry Nickel's choir - the acoustic is very alive so its easy for the words to get really muddy - that means we must know the words well. What I really like is the ease with which the choir sings this.

Song for Peace - beginning to measure 38.

This is going to be fun. How many words and notes can you remember?

Have a great week everyone.


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