NOT Enough Time

September 30, 2018

Between posters, for concerts, making recordings, planning rehearsals practicing for CMC, preparing church services and chancel choir, jazz prep and rehearsal - Yes I Am RETIRED.  


Boy am I behind!  Guess I'll just have to accept that. 


Last week, the choir worked on letter D of Snow, Snow -  will need to start tuning the SSA chords

Sang all the way through A Merry Christmas Wish - 

Somewhere In My Memory - will need a 5 minute review for a few weeks

 My Favourite Things and Get Happy for sing outs.

First section of Lesser Joys of Christmas.  


And now it's October 1

For this weeks rehearsal 

1.  Mary Did you know - keep slow and rhythmical- 

           new this week - measure 25 -  notes and rhythms

           measure 65 - end - quotes measures 33-36

2.  The Lesser Joys of Christmas - diction - Letter B - -repetition - move repeat line to measure 13 

                                                                      Letter C     words, words, words


3.  It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas -  pages 2 - 5  with repeat - easy swing

4.  Snow, Snow, - Review letter D - New:  E and F

5.  I Heard the bells - echoing the words in rhythm. - with eighth note pulse. -  echo in different voices.

6.  Yemaya - Tenor and Alto with rhythm


If time A Christmas Canon.- Donald Moore


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