Only NINE weeks left!

March 1, 2017


Where does the time go!  All of a sudden its Pancake Tuesday.  Seems like Christmas was just a few weeks ago.  Anyway, we are in good shape and I looking forward to what's left.  


This weeks video is one that some of you may have seen before.  A wonderful seniors' choir from Korea - the Grey Youth Singers.  Wonderful example of expressiveness and dynamics.  (despite the language challenges, you know the message they are conveying.


This week again, we got through a lot of material and began to shape a few phrases in Silver Moon, creating a more interesting singing and listening experience.  First time ever that I have been able to do that with this choir.  More challenges...  


In case you missed it, here's what we did this week and hopefully everyone will have a chance to review it

1.  Shine on Silver Moon - page 4 - Letter A - 4 parts  - shape the phrases and getting all notes correct.

2.  Song of the Land - singing Letter E.- Soprano 2 - has the lead - VERY IMPORTANT

3.  Four Stong Winds - Letter B - men singing in two parts.

          Review Letter C  (also repeats at the end)

4.  The Prayer - a little stronger up to page 7.  Tell me the story!

5.  My Way - good work sopranos.  You can do it but there is never a time that you can sing page 4 in a lazy manner.  It will just hurt - your voice and my ears!!!  In fact we have sung all of the notes of My Way, now you can learn the words to the last half.


We have a sing out this week.  The program is posted on the front page of our web-site.  

So here is what we will do on Monday,


1.  Review - Hockey Song, Canadian Pacific, Song for Peace, Hallelujah, Shine on Silver Moon


2. We will learn all of This is My Home - especially the French - remember the difficulty of this piece is watching carefully to perform the difference between long and short notes. (ti-short and ta-long)


If and when you have a little spare time, check out the Membership page of the web-site.  Thanks Jim Bowman.  They are wonderful.


I hope you all have a great week.

I am looking forward to our next rehearsal.


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