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February 15, 2017

WOW - we sure got a lot done on Monday.  Beautiful sound.  It's really becoming more solid with every rehearsal.  I've attached a video of the Song of the Land - for those of you who know Jeff, check out the centre of the back row.!


If you can, try to review everything we did on Monday, - it will help you remember and allow me to move on to other things.  Here's a list 


1. Song for Peace - pages 6 and 7 - sing notes to "oo" not "mm"

2.  O Canada - verse 2 - page 3 - Letter C to page 5.  

                 if you can, listen to the chorus of the second verse - we will finish at our next rehearsal

3.  Song for the Land - first  3 pages - words, words, words ;-)

4.  Shine on Silver Moon - first page - 4 parts.

5.  This is My Home - measures 1 - 10 - rhythm, rhythm, rhythm

6.  Canadian Pacific - - page 7 - measures 72 -79. - we will focus on measures 80 -85 at our next rehearsal.


I am working as fast as I can to complete the recordings - I think you still need - My Way, Song of the Land, and Four Strong Winds.  There is probably another 25 hours or so to finish up - so please be patient and work on the pieces that you already have.  


I hope you are encouraging your friends to hold the concert date, - it's going to be such a great concert.  I am so proud of you.  I hope all of this hard work is as rewarding for each of you as it is for me.  You are AWESOME.   Thank you.


Next rehearsal, - O Canada (see above),

                            Canadian Pacific (see above)

                            The Prayer -  pages 3 -7

                             Four Strong Winds - Letter A

                             Shine on Silver Moon - measures 9 - 15, Letter B and Letter D

                             This is My Home  - review rhythm - Letter A 

                                                            Letter B - words to correct rhythm

                             Hallelujah - correct rhythm to the first verse


Have a great week everyone!  Keep a song in your heart!


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