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Staying Connected

Hi Everyone,

Well, this is not the way I planned to be in touch with you today, but your executive made a very wise decision to suspend things for the time being. We heard from some of you with your wonderful support. This was such a difficult, heartbreaking decision. There were a few tears in the process. I have received permission from those who sent a message and will post them at the end of this blog for all of you to see what a wonderful, connected group of people 🤩😍you are.

I hope you will be able to keep in touch with your choir friends during this time. The longer we are isolated, the more important it will be to keep in touch just to say hi and let someone know that you are thinking of them.

I was searching around youtube today and found this incredible recording and couldn't resist sharing it with you.

Someone commented on the site

"If a group of mere humans can sound this beautiful,

It's completely unimaginable how amazing Heaven's choir will be"

I hope you enjoy

Check back to the blog, once a week. I will try to post weekly. If there is any news that you would like to share with the choir, let me know and I'll include it.

Sue's Letter to the choir

Hello everyone. Our world is a place that is constantly changing and, in many cases, is close to unrecognizable for some of us.  Unrest in so many parts of the world.  Climate change.  Economic uncertainty.    And unfortunately, the Coronavirus has many parts of the world in turmoil. As I am sure you know, this virus has been spreading rapidly and is even in the most remote parts of the world now.  Australia was not immune.  In addition, it seems that the most vulnerable to this virus are members of the older population and those who have medical/health issues. The most recent plan of "attack" is to keep people away from gatherings and encouraging us to limit or stop physical contact like hugging and kissing or shaking hands when we meet someone.  We will have to wait and see if these measures make a difference. Terry and I, along with other members of your Board, have had a lengthy discussion about all of this.  As in any situation, your health and safety are of the utmost concern to us.  We have decided that the safest approach is to cancel all Noteworthy Singers rehearsals as well as the concert in May.  This is a very difficult and heart wrenching decision.  We appreciate that all of you have a true love for music and that the choir is a family.  The social aspect of the choir is such an important part of our week.  We strongly encourage all of you to keep in contact with your friends in the choir.  An outing for coffee or lunch will help keep us strong at a time when we are missing our friends. No one knows how long this virus will continue.  It is hoped that we can get together sometime in the summer for a social and some singing.   We will definitely keep you informed of any updates or changes. Linda has asked that you keep your music in your binders in a safe place. A quote ---  " I've found that no matter what life throws at me, music softens the blow." Stay healthy and ...................... keep humming! Sue and Terry


Here are some responses received

P. A. Luxton wrote;

Appreciate the words and heart-wrenching decision making.Please let us know when, again we will sing together. p.a.

Lynne Martin wrote:

Thanks FOR ALL OF THE CHOIR, I have been left to not get any infections since my surgery.

Larry lets me know that many people in the choir and I miss the friends of all the people that I This is a special year for me as I was grown with the Mary Melodies in 2000. That makes it to 2020 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really enjoy the other singers, the Director and Trudy and all of the people that the choir keep going.

I hope to be able to go swimming but have to get the doctor's thing to give me the way.

Please share this note to all who ask and remember I have a phone and would to talk to all the choir, 519-664-664 2772.

Terry Gies wrote:

Hello , Thank you for this email and thinking of  the safety of all  our members .This was a very difficult but wise decision to make . Keep us all in the loop as to any getting together in the next few months. Cheers Terry Gies

Jamie Hill wrote:

Paul,Through you to Terri, Sue and the rest of the Board:  A heart wrenching decision indeed but one that, in the end, will be the best one to make.  Due to my own circumstances, I was considering dropping out of the choir for the duration of the season myself and thinking a total shut-down would be prudent. All my very best to everyone, keep safe and heathy and we’ll see y’all in the Fall! Thank you, Paul!  Take care!Sincerely,    Jamie

Judy walker wrote

Thank you Paul,

Let's hope it's over quickly so everyone can get on with life.

Herta Park wrote: As I sit here in my now spotless condo reading about yet another one of my regular activities being put on hold, I am thinking that perhaps a fitness program might be in order. Perhaps also getting some serious research started on the book that I keep saying that I want to write about my time in Uganda. Trying to find a silver lining in all of this. 📷 Keep safe and enjoy each other’s company. Herta

Herta Park also wrote: Oh my, so sad about all of this. Am feeling like a pawn in the big business game of "How can we benefit from this? " ( having read this mornings paper). Suspected that a few practices might be canceled , but now the reality of the seriousness of this virus has kicked in.... Also, sadly,  'self isolation' is a fact of life for so many seniors and this type of thing ( choir) brings them/us out to socialize and keep their /our brains challenged. Sue's advice to meet each other for 'coffee' is a good idea....keep in touch both for the social aspect and to make sure that we are all OK. Thank you "Admin team"  for making such a tough decision. Hope and pray that we will be over the moon happy to harmonize again in the fall. Herta Barb Howe wrote:

I completely understand and support the decision to cancel choir for the rest of the year.

but i am sad ... will miss making music ( the essence of my soul) and will miss friends and the camaraderie. I fear i shall be singing Connected in my head for the next six months.

I hope you are able to get some good golf games in, when this is over ( please God) this forced isolation is not great!

Stay well ~ Barb Pat Aplevich wrote

What a difficult decision for you to make, but the right one. Thank you for your prompt action to keep us all safe.

BTW, as NWS will not have the revenue from the concert, I would be more than willing to pay double this year’s fee for the 20-21 year.

Thank you again,

Stay well

Pat Aplevich


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Mar 24, 2020

Herta again....just watched an amazing David Suzuki , The Nature of Things show on CBC GEM tv called : I Got Rhythm , The Science of Song. A great way to spend 45 minutes!


Mar 22, 2020

March 22: Take a chance and sign up. You will be able to leave messages to your choir friends. Please date your note.


Mar 22, 2020

It's been over a week and many of us are tired of Spring Cleaning and looking for projects. Even grandkids are getting squirrelly. Grateful for FaceTime and Skype and that the weather allows for occasional walks ....but miss the camaraderie and the challenge /fun of the singing. Hope you are all well and staying fit.

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