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Sing On! March 2, 2020

Lots accomplished this week. Thank you so much for your patience.

We certainly were busy this week. We have finished

1. Ching a ring chaw - it needs a lot of repetition - watch out for the dynamic markings.

2. Sing On - well done - verse one and two and the chorus - are repetition - listen to the recording

Here's a connection

3. My Way - well done everyone - there are some stunning moments in this piece - we are working to being more refined and more musical in our approach to the piece. This takes real team work and every individual making music - not just singing notes and words.

I had a few goose bumps when you were rehearsing this.

4. The Night is Young - The chorus of this piece is right on track - you are singing with a dance like quality - we need to be much more familiar with the text of the verses and the MESSAGE of that text.


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