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Now THAT was fun.... January 15, 2020

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

What a great rehearsal.

It is so much fun for me when everyone is so invested and focused. You may not believe how much we accomplished on Monday. But I looking for more music for the concert.

Here's a summary of what we have accomplished so far.

1. Hey Look Me Over - worked through all of the notes. Made note of notes that we must be careful and not "clipped" Mark your music as a reminder. Listen carefully to any spots where you are not clear or confident.

Remember to review the piece even if you think you know it.

2. Connected - we have blocked out all of the various parts. It's very straight forward. Please listen carefully to the recordings - try to memorize the section from measure 33-44.

Next week - the entire piece - start working on memory.

3. Down By the Riverside - what a fun piece - your sound is perfect for this song.

We have a very good sense of the first half. Here's a performance of the whole piece

The parts are really clear - follow your music and you will hear your part. We will probably finish this one next week. Your audiences will eat this up!

So what happens next week

1. The Night is Young - pages 3 and 4. We will also review the refrains.

2. One Song - measure 21 - 46 please listen to your parts and follow the music. It won't take long to bring this one back.

3. The Place Where Lost Dreams Go - measures 1 - 39. Please read the words several times. Get the message of the song.

4. Review - Hey Look Me Over

5. Check notes for Down By the Riverside

6. Put Connected together - beginning to end.

You are absolutely amazing! Well done everyone! Have a great week.


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