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Great Family Day Rehearsal - Feb 17

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

What a great rehearsal yesterday. Despite the holiday, there was a good turnout and again we got a lot done. We have only one more piece to learn and we will get started on that next week.

This week we have finished Ching a Ring Chaw - it went together really quickly. Way to go!

Who is that pleasant looking group of individuals in the picture above? Move over Mr. Sinatra! - the NoteWorthy bass and tenors are on their way.

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So here's what we accomplished this week

1. Ching a Ring Chaw - complete - notes learned - another good possibility for exercising the memory mind.

2. Connected - big circle - no music - aren't we amazing - even clapping and snapping.

3. My Way - note blocked for the entire piece - (a lot of repetition) - the hard part of this piece is to get the right stress on the text - practise reading with different stresses on the syllables.

4. One Song - review measures 37 - 68.- when you are reading the notes - look at the dynamic markings.

5. The Night is Young - the chorus is developing a nice flow. We need a lot of work on the text of the verses. It' a matter of drawing the audience in to your singing - are they understanding the message?

6. Down By the Riverside - feel the pulse - don't let it slow down.

Next week -

1. Review Ching a Ring Chaw.*

2. One Song - review from measure 47 - end. Listen to the parts and follow the music. Remember to listen more than sing along.

3. The Place Where Lost Thing Go* - review notes from measures 44 - the end.

4. Sing On - read the text on the inside page of the music. Get a good grasp of the message. This week - chorus - page 5 measure 17 - page 7 measure 29.

5. Connected* - keep the memory going - working on 1st soprano. Begin choreo.

6. My Way *-

7. Hey Look Me Over*

8. Hymn to Freedom*

*Note: * indicates being sung at Wednesdays Singout. - Waterloo Heights.


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1 Comment

Feb 23, 2020

Amazing what a sound quality difference that moving a few bodies makes!

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