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From the comfort of my den...

Hi Everyone,

I was looking for some music for next season (since this one is on hold) and found this piece. I wonder if we could do it? Hm...........

Maybe this isolation thing is getting to me.

I am still surrounded constantly with my music. Started practising the piano the other day, I wanted to send a friend a video of my playing her "name" song - Meagan's Theme from the Thornbirds. Good thing I still have a few more weeks - am I ever rusty! - but it is a great way to pass the time.

For those of you who really want to sing, check out Gareth Malone's virtual choir on YouTube. Gareth is the young man who was on TVO a few years ago going around Britain trying to start choirs. His project really worked and there are hundreds of new choirs all over the world. Now he is trying to motivate people during these very trying times.

Now that you all have your daily exercise videos in place (well maybe not)! It's time to take care of your voices. Here's some voice exercises that you can use. May look familiar -

I'm experimenting with some things on my computer, so here's what I've done so far.

It's amazing how tongue-tied I become when saying something in front of my camera, so rather than trying to re-record till the message was "smooth", I decided to present it 'au naturel' (sp?).

Have a good week everyone. I think of you every day. Keep singing.

By the way - please excuse my grammar and spelling errors - I find myself being more conversational when I do this blog.


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Apr 05, 2020

Good to see you, Terry, and learn how you are occupying yourself - musically, of course. Me too, I 'm in for "Let it Shine" but who will do the acrobatics? I can do yoga. ;-)

I spend a lot of time cooking as my 2 teen-age grandchildren (19 and 17) live with us. Great kids! They keep the house lively. They even play their music in the shower!

Like so many with the time to do so during this crisis, I have learned to bake bread. Am willing to share a wonderfully easy recipe for focaccio.

Hope my fellow choir members are well and staying indoors. Best wishes to all. Pat A.


Mar 31, 2020

So nice to see your face and hear your voice, Terry! Missing everyone very much. My Monday afternoons and Friday mornings are just not the same. Getting groceries is now the ONLY outing of the week :( , but I am going for a walk most days. So nice to see spring arriving. There is hope. We are all fine here. Hope everyone is also staying well.


Mar 31, 2020

Well.... No surprise here.. I am totally in for that song although I expect we might need an on-site chiropractor!!!

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