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We are so close

Way to go everyone! Monday's rehearsal was spectacular!!! and exhausting!

Once again you are on the road to providing an wonderful concert for your friends and followers.

It will no doubt be great fun.

We have two main concerns -

1. This Christmas - many of the problems can be solved by becoming more familiar with the text. If you read it a few times, it will become easier to sing. I know you all will work very hard to get control of this piece - it has that sentiment that you portray so well.

2. Dingling - We are so close - keep trying, I know we can do it.

When you really look at the music - there are 20 bars of music - everything else is repetition.

that is only 80 beats -

The success of all music really depends on every singers ability to look up and react to the musical direction of the conductor.

Dan will be joining us this coming Monday, and Karen and Dan will be with us on Dec 2.

I remind Jazz to have their music available so that we can take advantage of their presence.

We are in very good shape and on our way - congratulations to everyone, keep singing - its good for your health!

Have a great week.


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