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Winter ?*#!?

Doesn't this just make your day. May as well just stay home and learn my music !

Thanks everyone for another awesome intense rehearsal on Monday. We got a lot done. There are three rehearsal left - Nov 11, Nov, 18 and Nov 25. Dec 2 will be dress rehearsal - no time to learn new notes.

Some things to think about - get ready to sing by warming up - this helps you to place your voice and releives some of the strain and tension.

1. Stretching to loosen upper body.

2. Relaxing- yawning expands the throat naturallly

blah blah blah with puffy cheeks helps relax the jaw and tongue

3. Lip trill sliding from high to low and low to high (on any comfortable notes)

4. Expand the rib-cage

5. FEEL THE RESONANCE - gently touch the bridge of your nose to feel the vibration - start on low notes and then carry the sound higher.

Here's where we are at:

1. Ding a ding - we have learned all the notes - it has to flow from one section to another. This means you have to know what's coming next. Be sure to read ahead.

2. Irving Berlin - the challenge here is to watch the conductor - I can't shape phrases or indicate dynamics unless every singer is watching - not only watching but reacting.

3. Nutcracker Jingles - this will be really fun for our audience, - again getting the flow and the fun in your singing is so important.

So this week :

1. This Christmas - we need to finish the last 2 pages. - the recordings should really prepare you well for this one, so our responsibility is to create music.

2. Christmas is Coming - Here's a site for a great recording of this piece. - Sopranos use this for your part. - you may have to cut and paste the URL.

3. Do You Hear What I Hear - please review your part. We have 15 minutes to put it together. Think flow and phrases.

4. Snow, Snow, Beautiful Snow - double check your notes - the challenge to this piece is to have clear and flowing diction - imagine you have a paint brush in your hand - the artist's lines are long and flowing.

5. Believe - rhythm rhythm, rhythm, - mark the notes that land ON the beat. The next note is off.

6. A Merry Christmas Wish - this is the closing of the program - so it needs to be sung in a heartfelt style.

It would be really exciting to be able to spend the last two rehearsals working on creating music.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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