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October 2019

Its really hard to believe October is over. There has been so much going on this fall,- lets hope things settle down a bit so we can enjoy the upcoming Christmas season.

There are so many wonderful sounds coming from the choir. I so appreciate the attention and work you put forth every week at rehearsals. I marvel at times over all that the choir as a whole has learned over the years. The choir has taken on a personality of its own. All of our new members are doing so well , there is so much to learn. I can only encourage you by saying, you can't learn it all in one season. It takes a year or two, but make no mistake your contribution is very important and probably considerably more than you realize..

Well here we are. I just looked at the calendar - we have 5 rehearsals and 1 dress rehearsal before the concert. Where did that time go???

Here are the pieces that I am confident will be ready for the concert so far -

1. A Merry Christmas Wish

2. Christmas is Coming*

3. Ding a ding *- If we all keep listening to the recordings.

4. Irving Berlin

5. Somewhere in my Memory

PLEASE REMEMBER - you get more from recordings when listening and following the music.

If you sing along right away - you don't hear the wrong notes you may be singing.

This Week we will work on

1. Snow Snow - pages 2 - 8. This is a review for many of you and you have a recording.

2. Sleigh Ride - men - please be very careful at measure 29. and 37

Measures 63 - 98. challenge is in the words - there are a lot of them but pay attention to the word picture you are painting. If you have a picture in your mind, you are more prepared for the lyric.

3. This Christmas - start at D - end

4. Believe - start at 57 - end

Review Ding a Ding - NoteWorthy Singers - Chorus 1, NoteWorthy Jazz - Chorus 2

5. Nutcracker Jingle

Tenors and Basses - please don't forget we will gather at 12:30. 5 rehearsals to learn it.

Have a great week everyone


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