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We did it again!

Congratulations everyone. You have a wonderful concert and I am looking forward to conducting you on Sunday.

Here's the timetable and the program.

Knox Waterloo

50 Erb Street West.

12:30 - instrumental sound check

12:45 - Jazz

1:00 - Choir warm-up and sound check

2:00 - Iraqi Peace Song

2:15 - sound check - Jerzy and choir

3:00 - concert


1. Together Wherever We G0

Sue Armstrong

2. Look at the World

3. Walk in the Wind

Nancy Nugent

4. Shine on Silver Moon

Paul Henderson

5. You've Got a Friend in Me


6. Iraqi Peace Song

Lynn Bennet

7. Sing Along

8. You Make Me Feel So Young

9. Blue Skies

10. Hymn to Freedom

11. Four Strong Winds


12. Home I'll Be


13. Place in the Choir

Jim Bowman

14. Peace Like a River.


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