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What a great rehearsal...

A true Canadian gem. Rita sings with commitment and passion. (different arrangement and interpretation than the choral piece). Enjoy.

We are really moving along. You continue to motivate me to be as musical as we can possibly be.

Big thumbs up to the ladies outstanding sound for the Iraqi Peace Song. - very impressive

These are the things to work on

1. HOME I'LL BE - I begin by apologizing. Sometimes, I assume too much and it sounds like I didn't do a very good job of teaching this the first time, so next week, I'll reteach it. It's such a beautiful piece I would hate to have to drop it.

You can really help me by listening to and reading your parts as many times as possible.

2. Hymn to Freedom - Well done - surprisingly there is lots of repetition in this piece so it's not as difficult as one might think.

3. Place in the choir: - just need to clarify words, and add effects.

4. You've got a friend in me - words, words, words - as much as possible with your heads up - get the message across.

Next rehearsal we will...

1. finish Shine on Silver Moon

2. Review Four Strong Winds

3. Walk in the Wind - are the rhythms still correct?

4. Peace Like a River - make note of all the wonderful dynamics you sing in this piece.

Peace, peace, peace

5. Together Wherever We Go - review, review, review

6. Look at the World - familiarity with words will enable each of you to lift your head and sing to the audience.

7. Yemaya - I haven't forgotten. -- It's my personal challenge!!! Bear with me!

Thanks everyone, for your enthusiasm and dedication. You continue to inspire me and each other.

Have a great week.


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