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Is it March already??????

I can't believe how fast January and February flew by.

It's been a hard few months, and attendance has been challenging for some, but it is most important to be safe and take care in this terrible weather.

Here's a lovely recording of Shine on Silver Moon. It should make you feel warm and cozy.

Here's a summary of where we are.

1. Together Wherever We Go - all parts taught - need to review and work on musicality.

2. Four Strong Winds - most notes known well, - need review of Male Chorus, Letter D, and F

3. Walk In the Wind - Rhythm, Rhythm, RHYTHM!

4. Look at the World - musical expression and contrasts are needed. Work on familiarity of words.

5. A Place in the Choir - all parts taught - comfort with tempo and text. - feel the beat.

6. Peace Like a River - review - very musically done. Consistency is developing

7. Home I'll Be - from measure 1 - to H, and J-K have been taught.

FINISH March 11 rehearsal - H and I, and K.

8. Shine on Silver Moon - measure 1 - 15 and 61 - 75.

March 11 - section A , B, and C

9. You've Got a Friend in Me - rhythms measures 5 - 33 and melody.

March 12 - teach parts 5-33, chant rhythms 33 - end.

10. Hymn to Freedom - Taught from 1 -27

March 11 - review 1 - 27. New 27-51

11. Iraqi Peace Song - measures 43 - 80 has been taught.

March 11 - notes to 86 - 89 (3rd motive) - all notes will be taught.

Goal is to feel as comfortable as a grandmother sing to her grand-baby.

12. Yemaya - as time allows.

This is such an enjoyable program You are doing very well. I'm am looking forward to this one.

Now I have to start looking for music for next year!!!


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