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Spring is coming...

... and the concert will be here before you know it.

Thanks to Sue and Rob for the cartoon below.

I'm just trying to get everything done for you and I'm finding the days are getting shorter and shorter, however, I have posted the program for next Wednesday on the 'sing out' page. And I'm almost finished the poster. Unfortunately, I am behind on the mp3 recordings but I'm trying hard to get them done for you in the next week, so please be patient.

In the meantime, here are some excellent recordings to emulate.

This recording of Yemaya blew me away - the musicality of the alto, tenor and bass parts is stunning.

For the ladies - don't forget - rehearsal on Monday at 12:30 pm. - Iraqi Peace Song

If the url's are not highlighted on your computer, simply copy and paste the address.

Here is a summary of what we have done..

1. Together Wherever We Go - complete - review, review review - mp3 available.

2. Peace Like a River - complete - review, review, review

3. Walk In the Wind - - I'm still very nervous about this piece - will only sing if rhythms are correct.

listen, listen, listen - mp3 available

4. Yemaya - complete - listen, review, listen, review - mp3 available

5. A Place in the Choir - complete - listen, listen listen - (recording above)

6. Four Strong Winds - review, review, review, - mp3 available

SEPARATE mp3's available for male chorus section

7. Look at the World - review, review, review - mp3 available


8. Shine on Silver Moon - pages 2 and 3 - measures 1 - 16, 61 -76

9. You've Got a Friend

10. Hymn to Freedom

11. Home I'll Be - Letter A - end of Letter E.

12. Iraqi Peace Song

We are clipping along. I so appreciate all of the extra work you. You are making great sounds and I continue to look forward to every rehearsal with this amazing group of people.

Have a great week.


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