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We are moving on...

Another great rehearsal!

Thanks everyone.

A Place in the Choir - is going to be so much fun. We have the chorus and the first two verses.

Next week we can tackle the Bumble bees. We will definitely be able to sing this in February at our next sing-out.

We will continue to review and secure the parts of Four Strong Winds. Gentlemen, please continue to listen to your parts in the male chorus section. Everyone should keep reviewing the "doo doo" line just to secure your part.

WALK IN THE WIND - care MUST be taken. I will decide after the next rehearsal if we are going to put it in the program.

Look at the World - the challenge is now to think about the musical line. It is beautiful in its simplicity, so phrasing and dynamics are very important.

Next week we can start learning You've got a Friend in Me and

Shine on Silver Moon

It is such a joy working with all of you , thank you.


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