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Great time was had by me!!!!!

Thanks everyone for a great rehearsal this week.

I'm still wrapped in the sound you achieved in the last section of Yemaya. WOW.

Every section is doing so well, I can tell you are very proud of what you are doing and want it to be the best it can be.

I've attached a video of Celtic Thunder for your enjoyment. It's a little different than our version (but not much) but its really well done.

The list for our January singout is posted on our events page and the pictures are also posted under for members only - who is this person.

This week we accomplished the following

1. Ending of Together Wherever We Go. - I'm working on the recording so you will have some help reviewing it soon.

2. Yemaya - page 5 - to the end. Next week - the whole piece. We will sing it at Waterloo Heights and I will ask Trudy to play along just to give you a little help.

3. Peace Like a River - measures 68 - the end. (always think about being a musical as possible)

4. Walk in the Wind - measures 8 - 15, 16 - 23 - still needs more accuracy- look at the music as you listen. I think too many of you may be singing along and that is causing a problem

5. Place in the Choir - please read your words everyday - over and over and over - your ear will take care of the notes. Just imagine how much fun the audience will have if we don't have to put our heads into the music. - there may be some ideas in the video that we could borrow (hint, hint, hint)

Next week we will -

1. review Four Strong Winds.

2. Sing Yemaya from beginning to the end - please remember - don't force.

3. Shine on Silver Moon - first section

4. Place in the Choir - measures 16 - 23

5. Home I'll Be - measures 6 - 24

Have a great week everyone and keep singing - you are doing wonderfully well.


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