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Sweet sounds in my ears

It's already Friday, and I have been frantically busy , so this blog is late - but I have not forgotten what a great rehearsal we had on Monday. The NoteWorthy Singers are sounding great. It's a joy to teach when you are so dedicated and attentive.

I ask you all to be patient with yourself and take on a little bit at a time. I have corrected the Alto mp3 of Snow, Snow. Will get it out to you next week when Charlene returns.

Here's a little review of what we accomplished on Monday.

Monday's rehearsal was brought to you by the sound 'ah" - placed in just the right place.

1. Mary Did You Know - a very careful singing of measures 9 - 25 with correct rhythms - way to go! the challenge is to not let ourselves get lazy about keeping it accurate and rhythmical.

2. Somewhere in My Memory - measures 1 - 30, and 44 - end.

3. Snow, Snow Beautiful Snow - letter A, B and C.- the semi-tone progressions in the men's parts are well done. Check out letter E and K - while not exactly the same it's pretty close.

4. Yemayah - alto up to drum fill - keep thinking 6 beats to a bar. It was coming along nicely!

And - did you hear how accurate the men were? WOW - it's going to work

5. One Song - review

There was some great sound coming from our second sopranos this week. Thank you. I still can't figure out why the numbers are so low, but it will work out. Keep up the great work.

So this week,

1.Somewhere in my Memory - 31 -44 - there is a lot very familiar here so it won't take long to learn it.

2. Snow, Snow beautiful snow : - this week we will look at letter D -

3. A Merry Christmas Wish - this is a partner song - i.e. a few melody's sung together. - always perfect for the closing. I suspect you will have it learned in no time. I do not have the recording finished yet and it may be delayed by a week or so, but it will be coming.

4. Yemaya - tenor only - rhythms.

5. The Lesser Joys of Christmas

*Get Happy (needed for the October singout) -

*My Favourite Things.

* - for singouts till new rep is learned.


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