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I LOVE my sleepless nights?#$%!?

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all safe. The plows have been through our streets, but there is no way to clear the driveway. It is just too heavy. I hope all of you are being extra careful when it comes to shovelling etc. IMHO this too will melt, so I'm not shovelling.

As you know, today was to be the first of two rehearsals with Dan and Chris. Now we have only one rehearsal left so.........

I REALLY need your help.

Next Monday, rehearsal will be at 12:30 - 3:00.

Please try to be on time and do a lot of warming up in the morning - lots of humming low notes, gradually getting higher and then lower again. I will have 150 minutes to get everything done. (Chris has to teach so we can't go beyond 3:00 pm).

I think we should be OK - most pieces are in pretty good shape.

Please review everything - especially The Journey and Grand Night for Singing (it's been awhile since we have sung these two pieces).

I was a little concerned about the unison singing (instead of the bass parts in the bass section) last Wednesday. I was going to rehearse your notes again today, but ...

Please double check. Also please review the parts for My Favourite Things Measures 23 - 28, 39-46, 57-64, 65 - 72, 97 - 104, 115-129, 134--end.

A good exercise for everyone is to play the recording of each piece and try to sing your part without the music. (this tells you what you really need to review)

Here's the final program in Order :


  1. It’s a Grand Night for Singing*

  2. Song of the Land*

  3. Walk in the wind* - with soloist

  4. My Favourite things*

  5. I am Son* - with soloist

Intro musicians (choir sits during this time)

  1. Lullaby of Birdland*

  2. One Note Samba*

  3. Feelin’ Groovy*

Sing along *

(choir returns to stage during sing)

  1. Get Happy*

  2. The Journey*

  3. The Colours of My Life*

  4. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life*

Thank you

  1. One Song* - with soloist

Please spend a little extra time on Get Happy. The problem with the piece is KEEPING THE BEAT and reading ahead in your music. Last Wednesday, the choir was caught by surprise because most of the singers were not reading ahead so there were entrances missed. If we don't get it together quickly, we can always sing it without drums and bass.

As you plan for concert day, here's the schedule:

  • 10:15 -10:30 Set-up risers

  • 10:30 - 11:30 Sound set-up

  • 11:30 - instrument set-up

  • 12:00 - NWJ

  • 12:30 - men - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

  • 12:50 - soloists on mic.

  • 1:10 - full choir warm-up.

  • 1:45 - The Journey - with violin

  • 2:10 - doors open for audience. - choir prepares ( have a snack - keep your energy up)

WATER BOTTLES - plastic only (water and lemon helps)

How are ticket sales coming? The last info I had our choir fees for next year will be $135. I'm sure that figure is not up to date. Hopefully we'll have a better idea on Monday. Please, don't depend on people buying at the door. (My experience is if they say they will buy at the door, they don't come).


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