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Thanks everyone


Thanks everyone for a good turn out at the Westmount this afternoon. We have now performed the program for April 28.

I am absolutely sure that this particular home has the highest temperatures in the region 😌. Heat like that is always really hard to sing in. You did a very fine job.

There were some very noticable times where many of you were really trying to add dynamics and respond to direction. I remind you that in order to get louder you must first get softer.

Thanks and congrats to Dan, Pat , Celia and Art for their solo work. Well done!

Walk in the wind - very well done - ladies soft accompaniement to Dan's solo was particularly musical. The timing was better.

I have posted performances of all of the pieces. Try listening and singing along with them. What dynamics do you hear? Are the singers tightly together? Are the vowel sounds open?

We are moving to a higher standard. I know you can do it. Singing in this choir is about learning and growing and most important about a tightly knit ensemble. I am so please with how much you have learned this year.

The picture above is the Community Christian Reform Church - the location of our concert.

So looking forward to Monday - adding Dan and Chris

Have a great weekend everyone. Keep singing.

PLEASE REMEMBER - NoteWorthy Jazz sings at the Jazz Room April 17 7:00 pm.

Tickets at:


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