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Get Happy... It's a grand time for singing

Good morning. What a great rehearsal? - I was exhausted! I hope every one of you was as well 😉

You are doing really well. Walk in the Wind is coming along. I am concerned that we are very accurate on the rhythm. (watch out for those eighth notes) ,

I suspect there is a lot more singing along happening and maybe not enough Listening. Please remember if you as singing along, you are not hearing the rhythms accurately. It's much better to listen first as you look at the notes. Do this several times before you sing along.

When you do sing along - do so very softly so that you can still hear.

Yemaya - try this.

Listen to the complete recording - your problem isn't the individual notes, its how it fits together.

As you listen - LOOK AT THE BASS PART. - keep focusing on the bass - all the way through. (a few times)

Next - follow your own part as you listen - notice how your part fits with the bass. -

for example - altos on page5 - measure 20 - notice that you and the basses sing Yemaya together. THEN measure 21 - sopranos, tenors and basses - sing olodo together.

play it again and listen for this.

Notice this - from measure 29 on page 6 - it's an exact rhythm repeat of measure 1 - 23. (the only difference is that the second sopranos are singing the pattern on lower notes.

Listening to page 8 - think of it as a conversation - altos answer the sopranos and tenors (

I will repeat again - I am sure you know the notes. It is the awareness of the other parts that is holding us up.

Finally - listen to how "lilting" the voices are. The note flow in a very clear but light manner.

I love challenges like this - It is so rewarding when we master it. I truly believe we can do it.

Next rehearsal - we will

1. Put Always look on the bright side of life together.

Please try to master the words at measure 53 -60

2. ending of I am Song. - we will sing this several times. Again please try to be really familiar with the words. The notes are not difficult.

Then ...


Walk in the Wind.

Get Happy

One Song

Colours of My Life

Song of the Land - PLEASE CHECK THE sixteenth notes in the melody lines.

Grand Night

The Journey.

Still to many heads-down. I can't direct the choir until you are all able to look at me.

It's is getting better. Practise NOT glueing your eyes to the music.

I am in awe of all you have accomplished. You are really challenging me and I thrive on it.

Thank you.


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