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5 rehearsals to go...

Congratulations everyone!

I'm still overwhelmed by Colours of My Life yesterday. It was really amazing!

You have worked very hard to make this years concert every bit as good as concerts of the past. In fact I am very confident that this one will be the best yet.

You really do deserve to be heard.

We have three pieces that are still questionable

1. Get Happy

2. Yemaya

3. Walk in the Wind.

I am sure all of the others will be fine.

Get Happy and Walk in the Wind - need some very accurate listening. There a many rhythms that are not correct.

Yemaya is coming and I'm almost ready to commit. You have achieved so much with this piece and I know you won't give up.

Here is a list of recordings of the repertoire. If you think you really know your part, try singing along with these choirs.

Grand Night for Singing - - except for the way they sing "night"

The Journey -

Yemaya -

The Song of the Land - - check the RHYTHMS

Walk in the Wind - - RHYTHMS< RHYTHMS< RHYTHMS

I Am Song -

Get Happy

Always look on the bright sing of Life -

The Colours of my Life -

One Song -

My Favourite Things (no recording of this)

Have fun everyone

ONE LAST THING - I would really like to be able to add dynamics to the music, but you must be watching me, so please practise looking up - quick glimpse of the music, look up - quick glimpse - look up

Have a great week everyone.


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