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7 rehearsals to Concert!!!

I'm always caught by surprise when I realize how quickly time passes. The concert will be here very soon. I hope you are as excited as I am. (despite my sleepless nights😉).

For our singout next week, we welcome our new members. The program will be this year's concert repertoire, so we will have a really good idea of how well we are doing.

Here's my summary or where we are: - if your aren't there - please start listening!

Grand Night - all notes taught with new ending. - next - tighten the rhythm, add dynamics and make music - good work everyone.

Yemaya - all notes taught - PROBLEM - every person must count to 6 in every bar and it must be together - until we can do this consistently, I have to keep this as a tentative piece for this years concert.

The Journey - all notes taught and there are some musical moments in your performance. Next - more finess. (well done everyone)

Get Happy - worked on measures 1 - 51. Next - must learn 52 - end (please listen to your part as much as possible and we can do this quickly.) - careful - are your rhythms accurate?

The Colours of My Life - - we have learned measure 1 - 51, 65-66. There are a few notes that need to be reviewed, but for the most part the notes have been taught. Now we need to feel that subdivided beat (1&2&3&4&). This keep the music flowing - otherwise the performance becomes static.

My Favourite Things - all notes - key to success - DIction, Diction, Diction - short crisp consonants, connected vowels. We are well on our way. Good work!

Song of the Land - we need to be more aware of the sixteenth (quick) notes. Keep the beat and listen to each other. - we have reviewed the notes up to Letter E - we still need to review from page 7 - end

One Song - well done everyone- I am very pleased at how accurately you are singing the rhythms - there are some really complicated spots and you have mastered them (proof that we can do it). To Learn: - last 4 bars. Please keep reviewing.

Walk in the Wind - need to review notes of last page - words words words. How are you going to bring this picture to life for your audience?

I Am Song -We have worked on notes and words up to measure 44 - Next - words and notes measure 45 - 68.

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life - looking for some really outgoing actors to make this come alive - (preferrably male) any volunteers?

Choir has learned page 3 measures 10 - 17, measures 26 -33, measures 45 - 52 .measures 64 -end.

HELP - Does anyone know where we can find 80 kazoos really cheap?

When you look at it, this is a really interesting program. Serious, inspirational, humorous, varied -

So proud of all of you. Keep working and I will too.


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