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Singing with NWS is just Grand

What an exciting day. You have enough information now to decipher all of the rhythms you are likely to encounter in any choral music or church hymnal you pick up. For those of you who are not quite sure, spend a little time studying the rhythm package that I provided.. If there are things that are not quite clear yet, please see me (I'll try to arrive early for the next few weeks to help you out.)

I hope all of you are using your recordings as much as possible. We have learned notes for the following pieces (Note: this will make up the program for our next sing-out)

1. Grand Night for Singing. (January 30)

2. Yemaya ( listen to the performance posted on this blog in January 23)

3. The Journey (see above)

4. Song of the Land

5. Walk in the Wind -

6. My Favourite Things

7. Get Happy

I am so looking forward to working on these pieces and creating musical expressiveness.... so exciting.

This week, we will finish - Colours of my Life (January 16), learn 37 - 68 of One Song and Letters A B and C of I Am Song, Always look on the Bright Side of Life.

Thanks everyone for working so hard on this music. Let's keep it up!


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