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Songs from the heart....

Another exciting week.

You have created an awesome community of friends and musicians. Don't you wish everyone in the world could experience this kind joy. The feeling of caring is palpable in the rehearsal room. As I look back through my career, I note that every successful musical organization I have led has built this bond among its members. I believe in large part the is the reason for most of our success. So Happy Valentines Day to all. May you all experience love and joy this today and always.

Our rehearsal this week was so much fun (I know, I have a weird sense of fun - the harder I work, the more I enjoy it.)

Grand Night for Singing is coming along really nicely. There is a more musical approach to you learning this season. Good for you! Next week we will learn the last 2 pages. In your busy lives, please try to review the rest of the parts especially the messy little section after measure 53.

Did you notice how easy it was to tackle the rhythms of Walk in the Wind? Knowlege is a powerful thing. If your are a little lost on reading the rhythms, please check with your neighbour. Once you are able to read it makes everything so much easier for you.

On these cold winter days, it's nice to dreams about that warm sunshine coast on a lovely summer day! The biggest challenge of the piece is the 3/4 time (waltz feel) and diction. Men you are sounding great as you lead us into romantic adventure!

I'm continuing with learning some basic music theory. This week we will work on 16th notes in simple time.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - keep reviewing The Journey, My Favourite Things, Yemaya, Song of the Land, the first half of Get Happy and the sections of Colours of my Life that we have worked on.

Next week - we will dig into One Song and I Am Song and finish Grand Night and Walk in the Wind.

Something interesting from the choral world - did you know that there is a petition to the British Parliament to make singing with other people a Prescription to be adopted by the National Health Service. A Doctor's prescription would pay for the membership in a "singing group" - aka choir.

This is actually happening in some places in the world. Check it out and any Brits in the choir can participate.

You may have to cut and paste the address into your address line.

Have a great week everyone. See you on Monday.


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