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Just lookin' on the bright side!

Despite illness, we are just moving along at a wonderful pace. If you have missed rehearsals, please check with a friend in your section and make note of what you have missed. It would be very helpful if you LISTEN to recordings especially the parts we have learned.

I hope you are all having as much fun as I am. A joy of my teaching was always seeing students learn new things and being able to use them effectively and purposefully. Our rhythm study is already saving precious rehearsal moments by increasing your accuracy. Thanks everyone for trying and working so hard at building your reading skills.

What a great rehearsal. Thank you. Don't you just love the section of Grand Night on page 4. I can't wait to perform it for an audience. We have now completed measures 1 - 52 and 85 to 116. Ladies please be careful with the changes to measures 25 - 28.

Here's a fun video of Bright Side of Life. The actual song starts about 2'10". Just skip the beginning. There are lots of fun interpretations on youtube if anyone is interested. It really is just for fun.

Please remember to review Favourite Things and The Journey regularly. We did a pretty good job on Wednesday. When you watch the video that I sent out last week, you can hear to need to smooth out the lines even more. That happens as you become less dependent on the page.

Yemayah the primitive sounds are starting to sound out in the bass voicing - we need to be more solid on the drone - its a matter of singing out with confidence. When you are looking at the music, keep reviewing the rhythms - always tapping the beat so that you don't rush. It is a challenge, and not a rapid learn, but it's is worth it. You should be confident with measures 1 - 27, and 50 - 59. Next week we will work on 60 to the end. If you can come to rehearsal saying every syllable in the correct place (for the whole piece) then learning notes is the easy part!

Walk in the Wind is such a delightful contrast. We worked on Letter B - well done. Next week we will look at Letter C and the melody at Letter A.

Here's a lovely recording of the piece. It's really well done - a good model for what we want to achieve.

You can copy this url and paste it . If that doesn't work for you, go to and find it on their web-site.

Finally - I am Song - Please review Letter B measures 13 - 18. You can hear the complete piece at


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