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'The Journey' continues

HOW MUCH COMMITMENT to you see and hear in this lovely performance of Colours of My Life?

I have start with apologizing to our 1st sopranos. I realized as we were singing Song of the Land at the end of the rehearsal, that you didn't really get a lot of singing or my attention at yesterdays rehearsal. I will try not to let that happen again.

On a happier note - we can note sing the notes and words all the way through The Journey. The mp3's are available and now it's time to make music. Please become as familiar as you can with the notes and words in the next few weeks. There is so much more to learn, so we don't want to leave learning to the two or three weeks before the concert.

There was more great sound this week, thank you all. Your attention is so helpful. Detail moves NWS to the next level. You may have noticed that as you grow as a choir, there is so much more to do. It is really very exciting. I was raised with the motto "Be the best you can be" - no excuses. That's were my drive comes from.

Please take a look at the 6/8 time sheets this week. I would like to start Yemaya at our next rehearsal. I think you have the idea and undertanding of the importance of accuracy. I can't wait!!!

Things to review this week

Colours of my Life - mp3 please listen to measures 8 - 15 until you can sing it confidently both with words and just humming. (it's repeated several times, so the more familiar you are the better.)

Favourite Things - men please pay attention to measures 23-28, 41-46, 57-64.

We can sing from the beginning, to measure 64. Please listen to your mp3 and learn measures 65-82. In this cold weather, when you are hunkered down in your house, look at measure 85-122. Do you think you could read this on your own?

I will finish the piece this week so that we can sing it at our next singout.

You are all doing so well. I hope you are enjoying yourselves as much as I am!


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