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Brava and Bravo

Thanks everyone for a great rehearsal and performance. I know the residents at Parkwood really enjoyed your performance. There were many wonderful moments. We have two more rehearsals before the concert so we should be in great shape.

I am sleeping well at night - That's a good sign.!!!!

The attached recording of Mary Did You Know is excellent. These young people are getting some outstanding teaching. Every rhythm is in exactly the right place. If you want to get it right - just copy them. WOW!

I thought I would share my rehearsal process with you this week. If you read it carefully, you will note there are many things you can do to make this rehearsal productive and efficient. I go at this several times between rehearsals, so that it is a little more refined, and then of course it never goes completely as planned. Here's where I'm at for this coming Monday

Warmup: (15 minutes)-- hum and chew, lip trills(range),

rhythms - step and chant

vowels shapes (noo, no, nah)

consonant sh t k p train - engage diaphragm

Announcements: Sue

Gesu Bambino (10) - legato flow, but rhythmic. Start at last page measure 47

second soprano - weak - measure 7, 25, 43, 47 (try moving voices )

Mary did you know (15 ) - try it slower.

correct measure 16 entry and 65 - choir entered a beat early - cause preceeding rhythm sung lazily - drill spoken rhythm

1. would save our sons and daughters

2. Mary did you know that your baby boy

3. will calm the storm in his hand

4. the dead will live a gain.

5. the Lord of all creation

6. will one day rule the nation

( if it doesn't work - switch to do you hear what I hear)

We Wish you a merry Christmas (5) - correct the length of WISH

- sing as whole, half, quarter. - stronger feeling of triple time.

The Lesser joys - (10) - review last page.

Mark - Alto sings measure 12 - 17 with the men and measure 26 - 27 and measures 32 - 37

More flow to opening and page 5

When Christmas comes (10) - needs more commitment to the text.

sing two or three times ( needs triple pulse feel)

Hockey Song (10) - repetition - HARMONIES

Santa Clause if Comin' (10) - tempo, tempo tempo - it's slowing down. - accent - contrast in volumes

Correct - I'll be home for Christmas - change the rhythm(1st)

Irving Berlin (15) - Snow - page 13 - meas 99 - 103. 113 - sop anticip page 17, measures 137-140

White Christmas - review men - 153 - 175, 181 - 192. (more forward sound).

Pachelbel (5) - starting note - shape the breath on the vowel - warm breath on a cold window

Amid the Falling snow (10) - resolutions need to be more musical -

So that's how I start out - throughout the week, I will refine my plan, think of techniques to achieve what needs to be achieved etc.


As you start to prepare for the concert - here's the schedule

St. Aloysius Church

11 Traynor Ave


(Directions will follow)


10:30 - set up - risers, sound instrumetalists.

12:00 - warm-up- NoteWorthy Jazz.

12:30 - set-up and warm-up - NoteWorthy Singers

1:20 - doors open - welcome your guests and friends, chat etc.

we will not be lining up to enter. (I'll explain more later)

2:00 Concert

3:30 - end time.

Please note - If you are in the sanctuary between 11:45 and 1:20 - you MUST BE SILENT. You are welcome to relax and chat in the church hall (downstairs) There is an elevator for those for whom chairs present a challenge.)

It is wise to bring a snack (or even a little lunch) It's a longs time and we need to keep those blood sugar levels up.

These are the basics. More will follow.

Have a great week everyone


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