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What a great week

Thanks to those who attended our singout at Briarfield yesterday. It was really fun and you sang beautifully. There is no doubt that you love this Canadian music. I am planning to keep some of it for next years spring concert. (maybe clean it up a bit - there is some creative singing going on).

I was so pleased with our rehearsal on Monday. So many of you said you were tired at the end. HOORAY! That is the first time in all of these years that I have heard that! - it's a sure sign of your ownership and dedication. If we continue like this you will be amazing at our Christmas Concert.

Here's a summary of what we've done (and what we still have to start on).

1. Mary Did You Know - we have learned all of the notes. Now we are making music. Please read the lyrics several times and become very familiar with your message. - mp3 recording has been distributed.

2. Lesser Joys of Christmas - we have learned all notes, except the last page. We will work on the last page Monday, Oct 30. The piece is very clever but is only effective if the words are very clear. We won't be adding choreography, so that makes it even more difficult to "sell it" to the audience. You can do it if every word is together and rhythmic. - mp3 recording has been distributed.

3. When Christmas Comes - complete - How musical can you be? - a beautiful lyrical melody. In my mind, it's one of those pieces written just for NWS. You can do a brilliant performance of this. I look forward to it. - mp3 recording has been distributed.

4. I Heard the Bells - rhythmically challenging - but if you listen, listen listen - it will be exciting to sing.

We will finish learning all notes Monday, Oct 30. I am re-posting the original recording of this . PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE listen, listen, listen. The catch here is the rhythm. - mp3 available, original recording available.

5. Gesu Bambino - We have learned measures 7 - 11,25 - 29. Monday, Oct 30 - we will learn 1 -6, 12 - 20, 21 - 24, 30 - 38. We will finish learning the rest 39 - end on Nov 6. - mp3 available

6. Canon of Christmas (Pachelbel Noel) - all notes learned. The challenge is to balance the parts, and to create long lyrical lines. - mp3 available.

7. Irving Berlin Christmas. - We have worked very hard on measures 99 -102 and reviewed 103 -141. Oct 31 - we will review notes and style for White Christmas - Measures 145 - end. Nov 6, we will review measures 10 - 66. Nov 13, we will finish 73 -96. You can save a lot of time by reviewing your parts ahead of time. Remember the key is to listen - it's about the style and rhythm. It was style and rhythm that made so much of Irving Belin's music so popular. - mp3 available

8. Amid the Falling Snow - we have reviewed measure 36-46 and 26 - 32. We will finish the entire piece Oct 30. - mp3 available.

9. A Swingin' Christmas - WinterWonderland - remember the accents. - all notes learned. Home for the Holidays - all notes learned. Monday, Oct 30 we will begin to tackle Santa Claus is coming to town. - mp3 recording is being distributed this week. The pieces are recorded separately for your convenience.

10. Do You Hear What I Hear - what a pleasant surprise. You sang this quite accurately this week - so it's creating musical lines after a few minor note clean-ups. mp3 recording is available.

11. The Hockey Game - done.

12. We Wish You a Merry Christmas - we haven't looked at this yet. Monday, Oct. 30 we will look at measures 1 -40. Nov 6 - we will learn 41 -76. . - recordings of your parts, with the words, are available at


This means that by the end of rehearsal Nov 13, we will have all the note learning attended to.

The rest of Nov 13, 20, 27 and Dec 4 can be dedicated to making music.





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