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September is over !!!!!!! Merry Christmas

Another wonderful rehearsal and so much accomplished. You continue to inspire and excite me. Best way I can think of to be retired.

We have now blocked in all the notes for Mary Did you Know and When Christmas Comes AND we have a complete program for our singouts. I'm looking forward to our singout this week and hoping for a really good turnout. New members are welcome to come out and see what we do (besides practise that is!)

A very big thanks to those who brought treats this week. I didn't need it, my Canada t-shirt is a little snug! but loved it I am looking for the individual who brought that wonder spread with walnuts in it - yum! (I love sweets, but I'm addicted to savoury) If anyone wants to share a recipe, I can put it on the blog - just an added bonus of being a member of NWS. (Just send me the recipe).

It was wonderful to see so many of you stay. I really feel we are building a wonderful musical community. You can feel the warmth and friendship that is in the room - it's the basis of great music making.

Everyone should have a recording of their parts for The Lesser Joys, When Christmas Comes and Mary Did You Know. - if you did not receive it through e-mail, please let us know. It's is really important that you have these recordings. Remember everyone - LISTEN TO YOUR PART - before you try to sing along. It's the efficient way to learn.

Next week we will work on the first page of The Lesser Joys of Christmas, so if you have time please give it a listen.

We will also start (or review) A Swingin' Christmas, and dig into I Heard the Bells.

If time permits, a little bit of Irving Berlin. (Time to start listening to your parts).

See you all Wednesday- at 2:00 pm.


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