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Yes, we're on our way

You will all be glad to know there are 11 rehearsals until our Christmas Concert Dec 7. While it seems strange singing Christmas in September, that is just one rehearsal per piece plus 1 rehearsal for review!

You really do have a lovely sound as a choir this year. I'd would be curious to know if there are 8 or 9 second sopranos who would enjoy the challenge of singing alto. If you think you might like to try, please see me before rehearsal (come a little early please) and we can try it out.

Still looking for more men! - may 6 tenors and 4 more basses. Now that would be awesome (You know I always think BIG!!!) Please don't give up inviting people, you just never know.

What a great rehearsal this week and we would like to welcome John Payne to the choir. I loved the sound quality you achieved in the Pachelbel Canon.

We've reviewed all the pieces for the singouts. As you can see, I can't spend time re-teaching these pieces, so I must depend on you to review the music with your recordings. This is My Home, Four Strong Winds, Canadian Pacific, Song of the Land, Hallelujah, True North singalong and the Hockey Song.

Big thanks to Charlene for sending out the recordings for Mary, Did You Know (click on the picture above) and When Christmas Comes. We should be able to sing up to measure 40 of Mary, Did You Know - please listen carefully to the rhythms. Those short - long patterns are so important. This week, I plan to finish it, so if you can listen to the rest it may go a bit quicker.

When Christmas Comes - we can sing from the beginning up to Letter C. If you look carefully at the music, you will discover that you can also sing most of the Letter E section and the last page. Soooooo........ that means we really have only one section left to learn.

And the fun part - The Lesser Joys of Christmas - well done learning letter B - now the challenge to memorize it. Do you remember the Little Engine that Could - I think I can, I think I can - this is my motto - I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, - MEMORIZE this piece. If we start now, we can do it.

This week, we are going to work on the first page.

Next week - Amid the Falling Snow, WinterWonderland, Mary Did You Know, When Christmas Comes and Lesser Joys! - something to look forward to.


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