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We are ready!!!

There's this amazing choir in town - a group of mature individuals 55+. I am the fortunate individual that get's to direct them. And what an honour it is.

Congratulations everyone. Monday's rehearsal was really exciting. Just enough details to be corrected that it keeps us on our toes - but a wonderful sound. I have learned so much about your abilities as a choir, I can hardly wait till next year.

I have been very demanding and tough on you, but now I know you are capable of so much. I hope you are enjoying the success that comes with such hard work.

We have all been around long enough to know that you can't take anything for granted. Staying focused and remembering the lessons are so important. For the rest of the week keep reminding yourself

" Inhale, ENGAGE and sing" and "Look ahead".

Finally, congratulations on ticket sales as well. Based on Charlene's info on Monday, we will have a good sized audience and we have taken in enough to keep our registration fee at $75 for next season (subject to executive approval and no unforseen big expenses) Keep encouraging people to come. You know this is a great program and really does deserve to be heard.

Thanks everyone. Have a good rest this week and we'll see you on Saturday.


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