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  • Terry

Are you having fun yet?

I certainly am! There were even more inspiring sounds yesterday. Thankyou.

You have really formed a cohesive choir. Each voice depends on the contribution of the next and I can tell you are understanding and feeling this. I can only encourage you to work on those little spots that aren't quite there yet.

Please work on reading and understanding the words. The deeper the understanding, the better the performance.

We are a little concerned about ticket sales. So far our audience is about 200. The church will seem very empty at that rate.

Based on the proceeds to date, next years choir fees will be $135. We really would like to get it down to $75 that you payed this year , but we can only do that by selling tickets. This is a wonderful concert and deserves to be seen and heard. I know selling tickets is a challenge, but we can make it happen.

AND the pictures are Fogo, Twillingate and Morton's Harbour!

In case your interested, there is a new interesting program starting on CNN on Thursday at 10:00 pm about songs that define history. It's called Sound Tracks.

Have a great week everyone. Your are awesome!


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