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I am inspired...

Thanks everyone. You have done an outstanding job of the heavy

lifting. We have crushed the notes of all the repertoire. Now we get to make music. (That's my favourite part)

I would ask those who have been away to be very sure that you have learned all of your notes and when you return, take some time to just listen before you jump in. Also be sure to get all of the markings and adjustments of every piece of music before rehearsal so that we can just keep charging.

Didn't you just love Four Strong Winds !!! - What an emotional presentation. It was as if we all had our own private concert listening to the various sections learn their parts.

AND can't you just hear the opening O Canada! As many of you have asked, we will end the concert with This is My Home.

Please review the French words and really try to get them under your tongue. As well we all need to review the french in My Home and Italian in the Prayer. Keep the tongue moving! Remember the old addage "practise makes perfect" - nooooo... practise may not make it perfect, but it does make it possible,

It's been a while since we sang Song for Peace, Song of the Land, Silver Moon, Hockey Song, Hallelujah, This is My Home and Canadian Pacific. 11 concert pieces learned in 12 weeks.

So next week, we will hit the trouble spots and start shaping the phrases, singing the dynamics and steadying the tempos. PLEASE review the musical terms I have included in this posting.

Gary and Dan will be joining us in a few weeks.

10 minutes per piece plus a 10 minute warmup = 1 rehearsal. I'll remind everyone that you must keep reviewing and listening to your recordings so you don't forget the notes. Have your problem spots identified.

Also thank-you to all of you who have come forward to help out with the detail work that will make the concert successful.

I will post the April sing-out program on the front page of the web-site later in the week.

Have a happy week everyone, and keep singing and SELL THOSE TICKETS. Remember to ask all of those that you have supported through your life, - children, grandchldren, relatives and friends etc - it's their turn to support you!

Luv you all! Terry


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