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The circle of sound

BIG, BIG, BIG, thankyou to Art Kassen (bass) for his artwork and design of our poster for this years concert.

There is so much talent in this choir, and it is wonderful for me and for everyone when that talent is shared.

I am hearing that many of you were excited about out rehearsal set-up this week. It certainly gives you a different idea about the sound and the picture the audience sees. We will continue this for the next 2 or 3 weeks, then we'll try something else!

We accomplished a lot this week in understanding the sound and maintaining consistency.

The first thing to always think of is what it feels like to engage the muscle that supporst the air in order to make a solid sound. The sopranos are practising this everyday, just so they can sing My Way. ;-)

We worked on

1. The closing line of Shine on Silver Moon. Give it a listen this week.

2. Four Strong Winds is coming along - but to be really successful, your parts must be really clear, so I suggest a little extra listening on this. You should feel really comfortable singing up to letter D.

3. Song of the land - 2nd Sopranos are the stars in this piece. (an opportunity that is rare for this part). Everyone should be able to sing from G - the end and from the beginning up to letter D.

4. This is My Home - FRENCH, FRENCH, FRENCH !!! I also notices that there are rhythm errors at letter A and B. Care must be taken at all times, its easy to become haphazard about the way we perform something if we think we know it.

5. As much as you enjoy it, the same this happens in Canadian Pacific, inconsistency and rhythmic inaccuracies. I played this accompaniment for another choir this week, and it is extremely difficult to play for a choir that does not maintain the rhythm. So for Trudy's sake - please work on accuracy.

6. and if that isn't enough - we finished MY WAY.

WOW - you are amazing. AND it really sounded beautiful.

Now for next week,

1. Four Strong Winds - Letter D and maybe E.

2. Song for the Land - Letter E

3. The Prayer - Measures 40 -48

4. O Canada - review and first verse.

5. Anne Murray Tribute singalong.

You continue to thrill and challenge me. What a ride!!!

Thanks everyone. See you Monday.


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