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"Springing" forward

Love this warmer weather, but ... hope we don't have to pay for it later!

This video of Prarie Voices singing Four Strong Winds is just outstanding. The ensemble is so tight and so musical.

Another great rehearsal this week. On our way with the entire program for the concert. I am just finishing the recordings this week (I think or should I say I hope). Then I'll just retire and go golfing while you learn your parts and meet you in April - (Ha! Ha! Ha! sorry that's a recurring dream I have).

Thank you all for your focus at rehearsal. It is very difficult for some people to hear when there is a lot of surface noise, so when we all are a little quieter, it really helps them. As we get older, our hearing may not be as good and as a result when some of us think we are whispering quietly, we aren't.

For those who were not able to join us this week, here's what you can look at to get caught up.

O Canada - chorus after second verse.

Canadian Pacific - measures 72 - 79

Shine on Silver Moon - Measures 1 - 15, Letter B and Letter D

This is my home - accurate rhythms - A and B - (you did an awesome job with this on Monday)

Hallelujah - verse 1 - going from page 2 to 3

The Prayer - first 7 pages

My Way - verses 1 and 2.

This Monday, we will attempt to do the following - Not in this order

Hockey Song - rhythm and text - create some musicality - beginning to end of D

Song for Peace - dynamics

This is My Home - review A and B, Letter E and F - rhythm, rhythm, rhythm

Shine on Silver Moon - Page 4 - Letter A - 4 parts

My Way Page 4 - sopranos - challenge

The Prayer - review and create musicality - first 7 pages.

Four Strong Winds - Letter B - how to read it??? - there is a trick to this

Letter C - review.

Song of the Land - - Letter E

I hope this is helpful


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