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Way to go!!!...

What a great concert today! You have accomplished so much in such a short time.

Great sound today and you have a good grasp of most of the words. Of course there are always things to work on, but we will be able to enjoy the challenge of create music and not just learning notes. I am really excited about what we will accomplish as a choir.

Please try to make note of what parts you aren't quite sure of (sorry for the bad grammar). Those are the parts to focus on with your recordings, and please remember to review what you think you know, because we all have a problem of forgetting!!! (once in a while)

If you have some time this week, please listen to O Canada verse 2 - if you have a good sense of the notes, we can put it together quickly and we will be able to sing it for our next sing out.

Next Monday, I plan to work on O Canada, This is My Home - we will sing the french section, The Prayer, My Way and a little bit of Shine on Silver Moon.

Thanks everyone. You motivate me and keep me going!.

BTW - here's a connection to a beautiful recording of Shine on Silver Moon

Have a great week.


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