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Hi from the Grinch!

Thank you all for the wonderful rehearsal yesterday. I do apologize for being so demanding, but I truly believe we can sound pretty amazing if everyone is giving as much as they possibly can.

There have been so many times in my life that have I've been pushed further to achieve more and found that I really could give it. I suspect many of you have had the same experience.

I look forward to tomorrows sing out. We have a lot to offer. I suggest you make note of the places that you might look at afterwards.

Ladies - I forgot to mention, if you have a Christmas pin, please wear it on your tops and men of course feel free to wear your Christmas ties.

From now to Dec 8 - please drink lots of water, stay healthy, avoid people with colds etc, an occasional hot-toddy won't hurt or vitamin C etc. - if you find yourself with a cold, flu please do not come to rehearsal. We need every singer possible.

A present for you... Here's a recording of the "Great Ella". It's a completely different arrangement and totally different rhythms, but just listen to how easy she sings. Laid back and in the groove. This is singin' jazz!!! Enjoy. I really liked Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra too (youtube).


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